You have the power to make a difference.

You have the power to help us to find all the possibilities to give life to Alon.

Alon Shai Levy, son of Efrat and Elad, brother to Yoav and Ofir, was born on July 29th 2009. When he was 10 months old, following a long process of check-ups and treatments, Alon was diagnosed with ’Duchenne’.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a disease of the muscles. It is the most common and deadliest amongst children, an awful disease that has no cure to date; as the disease progresses over time the heart and lung are also effected, making even breathing a challenge.

It is extremely rare that Duchenne patients survive until the age of 30. Alon has many needs, is limited by constant treatments, and suffers emotional and physical difficulties while daily facing the fact he is different. It is a race against time to raise Alon, to stave off the disease and allow him real quality of life, notwithstanding the challenges.

In 2012 the foundation “Life for Alon” was established. The foundations' goal is to raise awareness of Duchenne, fund research to find a cure and to finance treatments that will allow Alon a longer life. Thanks to donations we received, the foundation finances a unique and dedicated laboratory for the research and the development of a medicine for Duchenne.

Our social involvement is high and very valuable to us; Elad (Alon's father) lectures in schools under the title “You and I will change society”, in our experience, the session raises the awareness and feeling of responsibility in schools all over the country.

Life for Alon is continuing its journey, and will hold its 7th annual fundraiser and social involvement campaign on Purim.

Working in partnership with companies and schools across the country, we will be distributing Mishlochei Manot to schools and companies, packed and prepared by volunteers and good people.

The packages will be sold in advance and all the profits will go directly to Life for Alon.

For every donation received a package will be sent in your name to relevant institutions in Israel

We fight to raise every single shekel because every donation gives Alon more time to live. We at the foundation “Life for Alon” are inviting you to donate and support us on our daily struggle to defeat Duchenne and help Alon.

You have the power to make a difference. You have the power to help us to find all the possibilities to give life to Alon.

Your donations are needed! Every amount is welcome and appreciated.

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